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What are the FLGS recognition awards?


This is a chance to nominate your favorite local gaming store to win $250 of Alley Cat Games products and promos.

Three winners will be selected to represent the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe respectively.

Not only this but by nominating you could win a prize too!

How do I vote for my favorite FLGS?


Fill out the attached form below to vote for your Friendly Local Game Store. Voting will close on 30th September 2020.

Why Are We Doing This?

Our Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS) are an important part of the games industry. They are places to learn, buy, trade, and play new games. FLGS provide a space to meet new people and build a community.

We know the last few months have not been easy, so we want to show our support and appreciation to our FLGS so this month we will be launching the ‘ACG FLGS Recognition Awards’.

What do the winning retailers get?

Winning retailers will receive an ‘ACG FLGS Award’ Plexiglass trophy, a selection ACG products to sell worth $250, and a selection of exclusive promos to sell or give away. Three winners will be selected to represent the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe respectively.

By entering your favorite FLGS, you will also be entered into a draw to win up to $100 worth of ACG games!

Can I share this with others?


We have created banners and a printable poster to share. FLGS can use the attached resources to encourage customers to vote and space has been left to add your store’s logo. You can also download the images to share on social media. You can access these images here.

If you are an FLGS you can sign up for our newsletter to hear more here. If you are viewing the site on mobile and having issues with the voting form you can access the form directly here.

Contest terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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