Spiel des Jahres nominee Brett Gilbert joins as co-lead developer

This will be a short and sweet blog post! Since I started game design in Sep 2015 and moving into publishing other people's games, both as Alley Cat Games I have had the pleasure of practically being mentored by Brett Gilbert at my local playtesting group. He's helped give constructive feedback on multiple playtests on our games inevitably making them better each time he gave his advice. Alley Cat Games has grown rapidly since our first launch in June 2016 with Lab Wars. We now have 2 products in distribution and are the official kickstarter campaign managers for Sierra Madre Games, helping them to raise $309,000 a few months ago for Bios:Genesis 2nd edition and Bios:MegaFauna 2. Having rece

Analysing the quantitative statistics of blind playtesting Dice Hospital

Written by Rory J Somers, Edited by Caezar Al-Jassar 97 people played 43 games of Dice Hospital as part of the first wave of Third-Party blind Playtesting. I was privileged enough to be given access to that data to see how these experienced and family players got on with the next game from Alley Cat Games. In Dice Hospital the aim of the game is to cure as many patients as possible, where dice (D6) are the patients and the pips are their health. Players will use departments of their hospitals to increase the pips, and upon exceeding 6 pips, the patient is discharged from the hospital. The more patients a player discharges in a turn, the higher their score that turn. Of course, any patient

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