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1-5 Players
90-120 Minutes
Ages 14+

As cloth merchants of the wealthy Calimala Guild, you will vie for power and control over the future of Florence.


Broker deals, deliver cloth to markets, sponsor statues, and contribute to the construction of great Churches.


Promote your trusted family members into the Council of Calimala, triggering scoring and the evaluation of prestige in the next area of the board. Plan ahead for upcoming scoring conditions and hire contractors to take advantage of open opportunities.

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This second edition of Calimala, by award winning designer Fabio Lopiano, has been beautifully remastered. With Stunning art and graphic design from Ian O’Toole, extended gameplay, and deluxe components.


This new edition of Calimala comes with the kickstarter exclusive Intrigue Expansion.


Take control of one of Florence’s historical merchant families, such as the Medici Family, and benefit from unique player powers.


With 4 new expansion actions you can invest in banks to increase your control in cities, or commission artworks to boost your standing with the local churches.


Align yourself with major political powers, the Holy Roman Empire or Catholic Church. Benefit from their contradicting policies or try to play both sides and get the best of both worlds.


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