Cat Café
Essen Spiel '19 promo cards!


A set of cards especially printed for Essen Spiel '19 allowing you to play with new objectives!

These new objectives require you to play in different ways to how the player sheets give you points, but achieving them first before your opponents scores you more points!


Customs friendly to: UK, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.


Due to recent changes in legislation, we cannot currently guaruntee that this item will not inccur additional customs when arriving in the EU. Please bear with us as we work with Royal Mail to make sure this item truly is customs friendly for the EU.

Cat Cafe: Essen Spiel '19 Promo Cards

  • Due to the current circumstances the Cat Cafe Promo cards are only available as an individual purchase with no other items in the basket. This is to cover the shipping fees due to this item being sent separately.