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Save with this discounted Kittin and Catstronauts Bundle!



The long awaited sequel to the hit game Kittin, Catstronauts is a family speed and sequence game where players race to match their numbered catstronauts by slamming their cats down on each planet card in the correct order.


With 16 ‘meeples’ that can be customized with 16 unique cat face stickers, players can build their purr-fect team of expert Catstronauts.


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2-8 Players / 3-15 Minutes / Ages 6+


  • Light dexterity game
  • Flip a card, grab your cats, stack them up!


Kittin is an easy to learn, fast-paced and fun dexterity game for all the family. Flip a card, grab your cat meeples, and get building! The quickest player will win the cat-stacking race! Increase the fun with hilarious team rules!


Find out more on the product page



1 mint tin

48 cat shapes in 6 different colours

24 instruction cards


Customs friendly to: UK / EU / USA / CAN / AUS / NZ


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Cat Tin Bundle

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