Dice Hospital ACG Promo Bundle


3x Administrator cards for Dice Hospital. 

Previously available via Kickstarter campaigns.


  • Inspector: Once per game you may remove this card from the game during the improvement phase. When it is your turn to choose an improvement, instead, you may look through the specialist card deck and take a specialist of your choice as your improvement that round.
  • Pharma Rep: a patient in your hospital counts as any color for this round

  • Medical Officer: Once each round you may use a department on your starting hospital board a second time.


Maximum 3 per order.


Customs friendly to: UK, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.


Due to recent changes in legislation, we cannot currently guaruntee that this item will not inccur additional customs when arriving in the EU. Please bear with us as we work with Royal Mail to make sure this item truly is customs friendly for the EU.

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