Dice Hospital Specialist Promo Bundle


4x Specialist cards for Dice Hospital. 

Previously available via the original Kickstarter campaign.


  • 2x Consultant (cards feature different character art): At the beginning of each Hospital Activation Phase, chose another Specialist in your hospital. The Consultant has the same special ability as the chose Specialist until the end of the phase.
  • 2x Admissions Nurse (cards feature different character art): Each time this Specialist discharges a patient, you may either return aother patient to the bag, or draw a new patient from the bag to roll and add to your wards (re-roll 1s and 6s as normal).


Maximum 3 per order.


Customs friendly to: UK, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.


Due to recent changes in legislation, we cannot currently guaruntee that this item will not inccur additional customs when arriving in the EU. Please bear with us as we work with Royal Mail to make sure this item truly is customs friendly for the EU.

Dice Hospital Specialist Promo Card Bundle