Eternal Palace


  • 1-5 players, 60-90mins, 14+
  • Light-medium complexity Euro game
  • Includes solo mode cards
  • Kickstarter version of the base game of Eternal Palace. 
  • Includes all Kickstarter promos and exclusives available in the Kickstarter campaign for a limited period.


  • Customs friendly to: UK, EU, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.
  • Due to ship Q4 2021 to Q1 2022.


In this game your workers are represented by dice, and you'll be placing them to contribute towards rebuilding the different parts of the Eternal Palace. This is a highly interactive Euro with many of the locations on the board giving players the ability to gain the edge over their opponents by completing tasks first, or contributing more to monuments to earn tokens reflecting their overall efforts. 


Components (subject to change)

1 Board

44 Cards (including solo cards!)

1 KS pack containing exclusive cards and alternative locations

80 custom cut painting pieces

101 tokens

90 Wooden resources

5 players sets containing dice screens, and canvas stands

25 Dice

65 wooden player markers

Turn-order mini expansion (15 turn order tokens and 4 advisor cards)


Eternal Palace KS Base game (Pre-order)