2-5 Players / 25-40 Minutes / Ages 10+


In Pocket Pharma, a small box card game, players take on the role of researchers in rival pharmaceutical laboratories, working at the frontier of medical science to create new treatments for some of the world’s most prevalent diseases.


Every successful launch of a new drug can earn rewards for your lab, but who will have done the most once the race to create the remedies is over?


Using a unique take on drafting and scoring based on 3 different metrics on the victory cards Pocket Pharma is a great game for the casual and hobbyist gamer. 


Deluxe edition

This deluxe edition contains 5 new modules for the "R&D" mini expansion pack.

Each module contains a different addition to the game, which you can mix and match to play according to your play group's preferred style. 

Pocket Pharma - Deluxe edition

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