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**UK and Europe Availability Only**


Pocket Pharma - The Big Pharma game, in your pocket!


Designed by Kennerspiel des Jahres nominee: Brett J Gilbert, Pocket Pharma brings the pharmaceutical world to your pocket. 


Using a unique take on drafting and scoring based based on 3 different metrics on the victory cards Pocket Pharma is a great game for the casual and hobbyist gamer. 


Deluxe edition

This deluxe edition contains 5 new modules for the "R&D" mini expansion pack.

Each module contains a different addition to the game, which you can mix and match to play according to your play group's preferred style. Featuring new mechanics such as:


  • 4x One time use specialist cards per player
  • Advanced scoring cards - for experienced players
  • Secret objective cards
  • New end of game majority scoring cards
  • New "wild" fragments for extra versatility
  • Cooperative startup investment majority scoring cards

Pocket Pharma - Deluxe edition (UK and Europe only)

£19.00 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price