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Compete to run the best Chocolate Factory! Featuring a literal engine (powered by coal), physical conveyor belts to push your tiles through (using double layered player boards), a cast of employees to hire, varied factory parts, and a huge pile of wooden and custom chocolate pieces. 

Make the best chocolate you can and sell it all to corner shops and department stores. Earn the most profit to become the champion chocolatier!


Deluxify your game!
 1. Upgrade your factory parts from mini cards to tiles (1.5mm thickness!), 
 2. The first player marker (appx 80x30mm) and Day markers (appx 20x20mm) are now specially screen printed and relatively large custom wooden shapes, 
 3. Your coal chits are now changed to black acrylic coal gems (40 in total)
 4. A premium box sleeve to top it all off!

Chocolate Factory - Deluxe Edition (UK & EU Only)