NOM: Simon's Cat

3-8 players / 10-20 mins / 7+


Alley Cat Games is proud to work with the Simon’s Cat team to bring NOM to the world. Made by cat lovers for cat lovers!


Customs friendly to: UK, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.


Due to recent changes in legislation, we cannot currently guaruntee that this item will not inccur additional customs when arriving in the EU. Please bear with us as we work with Royal Mail to make sure this item truly is customs friendly for the EU.

NOM is a fast paced and portable game where players are trying to play and get rid of their hand of cards! Players take it in turns, but be sure to pay close attention, at any moment someone might play the NOM card beginning a race to slam your hands on the table with the slowest player feeling the wrath….. of Simon’s Cat!

1 Portable box
112 cards


***Due to licensing agreements, currently only available in the UK and the EU.**

NOM: Simon's Cat - Official Card Game! (UK and EU only)