2-5 Players / 45-90 Minutes / Ages 14+


  • Medium complexity dice placement game
  • Designed by Spiel des Jahres nominees: Louis & Stefan Malz!
  • Explore the land and gather resources


In a time when early sea-faring Polynesians roamed the Pacific they came across the archipelago of Tungaru, today also known as Gilbert Islands. Rich in nutrients and resources they set about colonising these lands and spreading their culture.

Tungaru sets players as early Polynesians in this dice placement and resource conversion, medium-weight euro game. Players will jump from island to island in an effort to recruit Nomads as new tribe members, colonise land, spread their culture and exchange goods. Players use dice as workers, Leader cards which are blind revealed which are then given to your neighbour and custom shaped meeples specific to their tribe. All in an effort to be the most successful tribe!



Deluxe Edition components:

  • Custom Totem Meeples
  • 3d miniature boats to hold the dice
  • An exclusive dice hospital first player marker
  • Extra island tile modules for variability/replayability !
  • With beautiful art by Tapestry and Everdell artist: Andrew Bosley!

Tungaru - Deluxe edition