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All Preorder Party Games will aim to be shipped in June/July!

Join our UK Games Expo preorder party to get exclusive discounts on new games!

All Games are available for Preorder, with expected shipping in June/July 2024


In Washed Ashore, embark upon a Robinson Crusoe-inspired choose-your-own-adventure.


In Happy Home, draft furniture polyominos to perfectly decorate your new home.


In Pusheen, you're racing to stack the pieces - based on our original title Kittin, but with a few tweaks.

Shipping: see bottom of page

Customs: No customs or duties will be paid by you. We pay this upfront using IOSS if in Europe, or shipping from within the UK if you are based in the UK

Washed Ashore

Due to licensing Washed Ashore is a UK/USA/CAN exclusive game. 

Preorder Bundles
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