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Ada's Dream

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1-4 Players
90-120 Minutes
Ages 14+

Work with Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage to build the first computer in this alternate history Euro Game.

Draft from the Dice Rondel, or place a die into your machine to take one of the 4 main actions. Give Lectures in Prestigious Institutions, Build your deck of Partner Cards, Travel the country to visit Universities, and complete Assignments for Ada.

Build a prototype to add to the Analytical Engine, complete Programs, add data dice, and manipulate the values with function gears to score points and help to complete Ada’s Dream.

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Build the Analytical Engine

Ada's Dream is a Dice Rondel Euro Game, where players compete to make the biggest contribution to Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine.

Players must each work to build a prototype component, adding Dice, Programs, Steam Power, and Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication Gears.

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Dice Rondel with 4 Action Areas

Visit prestigious Institutions in London, trading your innovative knowledge for bonuses and reputation. Control a majority to score the biggest points

Visit Universities across Great Britain. Plan your route carefully for the best bonuses, and score extra for being the first to reach the most popular venues.

Take meetings and recruit Partner cards for your deck. Earn points for each scientist that you collect in each of 4 sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Astronomy.

Write programs at Ada's Study and fulfil their requirements on your machine for points.

Complete assignments for Ada to boost your abilities, unlocking advanced actions at each of the four locations!

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Deluxe Components and 70 Uniquely illustrated Cards

Complete Assignment Cards for Ada, and Recruit powerful Partners, such as Charles Babbage, Mary Somerville, Michael Faraday, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, and William Cuffay.

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Book Meeples with Printing on All 6 Sides!
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An Accurate Setting, Alternate History 

Ada's Dream is set in an Alternate History of the 1850s, where Ada Lovelace didn't pass away at the early age of 36, and instead continued her valuable work with Charles Babbage on the Analytical Engine. Due to the incredible insight of her notes, Ada is credited as the worlds first computer programmer.

Whilst Ada's Dream is set in an Alternate History, all effort has been put in place to ensure an accurate setting, with a focus on detail. Historian and Author Beverley Adams consulted on this project to improve the accuracy and attention to detail.

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