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The Alley Cat Games team

We are an independent board game publisher.

Our first game Lab Wars launched on Kickstarter, successfully funding and going on to be featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Nature News, Science magazine,, and many more.


Since then we haven't looked back and have now raised over $1,000,000 through Kickstarter funding alone, with our games selling all over the world. As well as publishing our own games we also offer consultancy for aspiring designers and publishers.

Caezar Al-Jassar

Lead Developer, Co-director

A former scientist, Caezar started Alley Cat Games by creating games for the scientific community before changing course towards creating games that were simply fun.

The driving force behind Alley Cat Games, he works tirelessly to make our games a reality.

Favorite Games: Kodama, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, Just One and Majesty for The Realm

Liam Millard

Lead Editor

Liam started at Alley Cat Games as an intern to learn about game development from the experts.

He now manages the editing of our games, working on each stage to help turn an initial game design into a finished, manufactured game.


He also helps to plan our convention presence.


Favorite Games: King of Tokyo, Fallout Shelter, and Cryptid

Simon Milburn

Games and Business Manager

Bringing his passion and attention to detail to the team, Simon's mission is to make each Alley Cat Games release outstanding.

Together with Caezar he leads the development of our releases and recently co-designed one of our most popular games Kittin!


Favorite Games: Quacks of Quedlinburg, Unlock! Cockroach Poker, and Great Western Trail

Kuly Heer

Co-Director and Finance Director

As a co-founder of Alley Cat Games, Kuly has been here since day one.


She not only ensures that Alley Cat continues to survive as a place of creativity, but also makes sure we follow good business practice too.

Favorite Games: Lotus, London (2nd edition), 7 Wonders Duel and Werewords

Debs Lyon

Community and Logistics Manager

Debs is the newest member to join Alley Cat Games as our Community and Logistics Manager.


Debs has a lot of experience in logistics and customer service and is vital in keeping Alley Cat Games running smoothly.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-17 at 10.20.56.jpeg

Favorite Games: Middara, Gloomhaven, Eldritch Horror, Terraforming Mars, and Gugong

Mike Nudd

Development and Design (various projects)

Mike is a freelance author, editor, designer and developer who has a close relationship with ACG, and touches many of their projects in some shape or form.


Currently working on games part-time, by day he works in the UK telecoms industry. Aside from playing and producing games Mike is also a big fan of TV, film, science fiction books and graphic novels.


Favorite Games: Barrage, Crystal Palace and Maracaibo.

David Digby

Development and Design (various projects)

David is a freelance designer, developer, and rulebook editor who specialises in medium - heavy euro games and solo modes.

David works on a Alley Cat’s advanced games, with past works including redeveloping Tinners' Trail and taking the lead on Autobahn and Amun Re as well as the solo modes for Chocolate Factory, Eternal Palace, Dice Theme Park, and Tinners’ Trail.


Favourite games: Gloomhaven, 1846, and Clank!

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