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Privacy policy

At Alley Cat Games we take your privacy extremely seriously. To that end we will answer the most common questions relating to GDPR compliance here in the UK:


  • What information is being collected?

We will collect your email addresses and your names only.


  • Who is collecting it?

Alley Cat Games Ltd


  • How is it collected?

Through opt-in methods such as a mailing list form (see above) or Kickstarter surveys.


  • Why is it being collected?

To keep customers, fans and board gamers up to date, with the latest news at Alley Cat Games Ltd. 


  • How will it be used?

See above. Essentially emails from customers and fans etc will only ever be used to email monthly newsletters (occasionally fortnightly) and report issues with purchases through the Alley Cat Games website.


  • Who will it be shared with?

The data is stored securely on our host's servers but is only accessible for members of the Alley Cat Games team who have access to the website. 


  • Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain? 

We hope not! From May 17th onwards we will only be contacting customers and fans who have clearly opted into our website with a clearly defined objective of receiving fortnightly or monthly newsletters from Alley Cat Games. 


Individuals who wish to complain, unsubscribe or request more information about our privacy policy are requested to email:


If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please do so by pressing the button below and write: "UNSUBSCRIBE ME" in the subject - and email this to us.

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