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1-4 Players
90-120 Minutes
Ages 14+

A heavy weight Euro game from designers Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone.


Develop the Autobahn, building and upgrading Germany's Federal Highway system to improve your standing in the Bundes Autobahn organisation.

Build Roads, Manage the Shipping of Goods, and Promote Employees to optimise your strategy and make the best contributions to the ever expanding Autobahn. 

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Game Overview:

As a director within the Bundes Autobahn Organisation, you are responsible for managing and developing the German Federal Highway System.

Aside from building roads, you’ll also be responsible for facilitating the transport of goods to neighbouring countries and constructing petrol stations to benefit from this new traffic.


Watch the board come to life with over 200 wooden meeples and components.

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Plan ahead to optimize your efficiency:

Each contribution you make builds your reputation and gains you access to new departments and scoring opportunities that better align with your chosen path to victory.

The cards in your hand allows you to take actions on one of the 7 main Autobahns.


You’ll need to plan carefully and time your actions perfectly if you want to make the most of your hand before you need to collect your cards back.

Watch the video below to learn more:


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