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Available Now!

1+ Players
60 Minutes
Ages 8+

Each game in the UNFOLD series offers an exciting cooperative adventure that fits into a small envelope. 

Play each scenario alone or with friends and literally unfold each adventure as you play.

Will you escape police captivity in Dark Story, or save your beloved in Victim of the Pyramid?

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Each game in the UNFOLD series is an escape room style adventure that you can play either alone or together with a group of friends.


As you progress through each story you will unfold the envelope to discover new clues and face new puzzles to solve.


Each story holds new and unique items to find and use in a variety of ways, but we'll let you discover those by yourself!

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The rules to each UNFOLD scenario are the same - follow the instructions on each page and solve each puzzle to unfold the envelope and discover more clues and puzzles to solve.

And that's it! Check out the rules from the demo scenario 'Through the Wall' to see for yourself


(demo scenario only available from us at conventions and through selected retailers)

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