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Missing Games & Game Parts

We are currently experiencing very high volumes of emails and messages.  Before contacting us, please read the below.  Please follow the instructions for each scenario.  If you email us regarding any of these three issues, we will unfortunately not be able to respond directly to your email or message

We do our very best to make sure that the games you order from us, either via the website or via Kickstarter get to you on time, complete, and with great customer service. Sometimes, mistakes happen and, for whatever reason, we don't get this right.


Please read the below FAQ based on common queries we receive.

Missing Game - Kickstarter


80% of requests for missing Kickstarter games are due to the pledge manager.


We use a “pledge manager” to collect your details, such as your shipping address as well as any additional games you requested.


If you backed a game on Kickstarter, please log in to your pledge manager to double-check you completed this step. 

Pledge Manager Links:

If you didn’t previously complete this step, please now email: cs @ with the subject line: LATE PLEDGE OF 'X' GAME


Please provide us with the following details:

  • Name of Game

  • Your Full Name 

  • Shipping Address 

  • Contact Number

Please note: there will be an additional admin charge to process any late pledges.

Missing Game - Website Order


If you ordered through the website, and your order has not arrived, or has arrived incomplete, please complete this form:

Box Damage


Whilst we do our best to protect games in shipping, sometimes dents and dings can occur. It is unfortunately very expensive to produce and ship replacement boxes for games, especially when an empty box is more likely to become severely damaged in transit.

As such, we do not offer replacement boxes for our games.


We do, however, understand that the condition of the game box is important to some of our customers. We therefore offer a £5 refund to customers that have received significant box damage in shipping.

If your box has arrived with significant damage, please submit a photo to us at with the subject line 'Damaged Box'. Please include your full name, and order or backer number.

Game Specific Enquiries:

amun-re box image.png
Amun-Re Expanded Edition

The Board in our Expanded edition can arrive damaged

We are aware of some issues with the way our bonus parts for the expanded edition are packaged into the box, this can sometimes damage the fold lines of the board.

Unfortunately this is not an issue with an easy fix so we are offering replacements boards for those affected.

For future projects we will be paying attention to how the games are packed to minimize the risk of this.

Box Render with background.png

The Service Station Board from the Kickstarter Mini Expansion does not align perfectly

We are aware of some misalignments occurring with this board, as the art may not match perfectly when the board is assembled.

Unfortunately, these cuts are within manufacturers tolerances, so we will not be able to offer replacement parts for this issue.

This misalignment will not affect gameplay as the board split does not cross any icons or important spaces.

This Service Station Board was split into two to allow the Kickstarter Pack to be shipped separately without damage. In future projects, we will avoid this type of jigsaw join in any of our components to prevent the issue from occurring again.

DHCC - front page.jpg
Dice Hospital Community Care:

My cards for Dice Hospital Community Care are different from the base game cards


We are aware of this issue, and have worked to resolve it. Most replacement packs have now been sent to customers. If you still have this issue, please complete the form at the bottom of this page

I don’t have a yellow helicopter meeple in my deluxe copy of Dice Hospital Community Care

The deluxe version states in the rulebook that this is UPGRADED to the helicopter miniature - so does not come with an additional helicopter meeple. 

DH - front page - blue.jpg
Dice Hospital

I have damage or am missing a nurse meeple from the Dice Hospital base game


We do not replace individual base game meeples. We purposefully gave an additional meeple per colour for instances like this, which are sadly common. The extra one was intended to cover damages like this.



What do I do if I notice a spelling mistake or typing error in my game?


Human errors like these do occur from time to time and unfortunately, we do not have replacements for typing errors that may have occurred when producing the game cards. We are always learning from our mistakes and look to continue to remove issues such as these from future projects.

I have purchased a base edition of the game, how can I get the deluxe components?


Where deluxe components are part of a separate box or pack we will sell these via our website where stock is available. If components are part of a deluxe game box edition it is unlikely these will be available online, although may be available at conventions in the future should spares remain.


Does this game contain promo cards?

Unless​ stated games purchased do not contain Kickstarter promo cards by default. Promos are generally produced as part of Kickstarter campaigns and in limited supply. Games sold outside the original Kickstarter campaign will likely not contain these bonus additions. If you would like to purchase these promo cards separately, when stock is permitting we make them available via our web store.

Can I replace a component that has been lost or damaged since purchase?

Yes! We would be happy to send you replacement parts so you can fully enjoy our games, even if you have lost the parts yourself or purchased the game second hand. This will depend on the stock of replacement parts that we have available so cannot guarantee that we can fulfil your request.

In this instance, we would also ask you to cover the postage costs of the item we would be sending out. For small letters (cards only) this would cost £2 for the UK, £3 for EU, and £4 for ROW. For Large Letters (Meeples, entire decks, etc.) this would cost £2 for the UK, £4 for the EU, and £5 for ROW. Shipping for larger parcels than this will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Replacement Game Pieces:


All other queries:

If your missing or damaged games do not fit into any of the above categories, please complete the Missing and Damaged Components form below. We will aim to respond to your missing parts enquiry within 7 days.


If your request is answered by one of the above FAQs, we will unfortunately not reply.

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