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Designer Testimonials


We are hugely appreciative of the strong and long lasting relationships we have with our designers.

To that end, we asked our designers what they think it's like working with us to help you get an understanding as a designer or developer.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alley Cat Games with two of my games in the past, and to me they stand out as exemplary in the way they treat designers.


During the development process I always felt that my ideas were valued and listened to, from mechanisms to theme and illustration. They are always communicative and happy to answer any questions I had throughout the whole process. After publication, they do so much to support the game, and always paid royalties promptly and on time.


ACG puts in so much work to make a beautiful and fun product which we can all be proud of, and I would happily work with them again.

Matt Dunstan
Designer of Chocolate Factory, Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll and upcoming "Ideal Home"

Also designed SdJ Nominee: Elysium and games such as: Monumental, Echoes and part of the "Adventure Games" series by Kosmos

Working with the guys from Alley Cat Games was a breeze.


In 2018, we presented them a prototype that was already some years in development and we thought was almost perfect. But after thorough testing, they found weaknesses and came up with interesting new angles and a better thematic setup. Luckily, they insisted on us testing and implementing most of those, because that made the game better. Our favorite illustrator was engaged, and a very favorable license agreement was quickly agreed upon.


It only took a year to start the Kickstarter with a final product available one year later that fully convinced us!

Louis & Stefan Malz
Designers of Tugaru.

Also co-designed cult hit: Rococo


I'm always impressed at the professionalism at Alley Cat Games.


Interacting with them feels like a business relationship and that's something I really value as a designer.


They have an attention to detail and a level of communication that inspires a lot of trust, and I wouldn't hesitate to pitch to them again.

Rory Muldoon

Designer of Pier 18
Artist of Pier 18 and Tiderblox

I’ve been working with Alley Cat for a few years now and can say the relationship has been highly fruitful.


They did an amazing job on bringing Tinners Trail back to the market place.


I’m presently working on a number of other projects with Alley Cat and hope to continue this working partnership for many years

Martin Wallace

Designer of Tinners' Trail and other games such as:
Brass: Birmingham (and Lancashire), AuZtralia, Wildlands and many more!

Martin pic lo res.jpg

"As a freelance designer and developer it has been my pleasure to work on multiple projects with the ACG team, who are enthusiastic hobbyists themselves, and who are clearly committed to producing high quality products with strong and accessible themes.


I'm also grateful for the opportunities that ACG have given me to work my magic, and to entertain an ever-growing audience - there's nothing more satisfying than hearing about and seeing first hand that people are enjoying what we have created together!"

Mike Nudd

Designer of Dice Hospital 
Lead Developer of Dice Theme Park

Also known for: Waggle Dance, Dice Hospital Community Care expansions and Termite Towers

It’s a genuine statement to say I wouldn’t be where I am today without my work at Alley Cat games. From giving me my first opportunity designing the solo mode for Chocolate Factory, through the faith they put in me for Tinners Trail, to all the projects we now have in the pipeline.


Throughout this time their cornerstones of honesty, transparency and support on which ACG is founded have been offered to me, and others, with no limits.


I have learnt a great deal from working with them and long may that continue.

David Digby

Designer of Tinners' Trail expansions
Lead Developer of Tinners' Trail
Solo game designer of: Chocolate Factory, Tinners' Trail, Eternal Palace and Dice Theme Park

Also known for: lots of other solo modes and developer with other publishers!

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