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Tinderblox proto square
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2-6 Players
3-15 Minutes
Ages 6+

Tinderblox is a fun, easy to learn dexterity game that comes in a pocket size mini-tin so you're always ready to play. 


Challenge your friends and family to 'Play with fire' as you gather around to build a 3D campfire, but don't get burned! If you drop a piece of the fire you lose the game!​

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TB Game Details
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  • 20 x Logs

  • 10 x Yellow 'Cinder' Cubes

  • 10 x Red 'Cinder' Cubes

  • 19 x Instruction cards

  • 1 x Campfire Cards 

  • 1 x Tweezers


​Draw a card and use your tweezers to add what's shown to the growing campfire.

Be careful, if you knock over the fire, you're out!

Be the last player standing to prove that you are the best camper.

Take Tinderblox with you everywhere! A mini tin  game that fits in your pocket.


Tinderblox Day:

​Tinderblox Day is the base edition of Tinderblox and is available in retailers across the world.

This is the easiest version to play, so if you're looking for something to play as a family, Tinderblox Day is for you.

Tinderblox Night:

Tinderblox Night is a limited edition of Tinderblox, that is only available directly from Alley Cat Games.

The cards in Tinderblox Night are harder to complete that the base game, making this a great version for those wanting a bigger challenge!

Tinderblox Sunset:

This edition of Tinderblox is made from sustainably sourced wood products and is free from single-use plastic packaging. Plus, we plant a tree for every copy of Tinderblox Sunset sold.

Check out our virtual forest here:

Tinderblox Sunset also includes the Marshmallow Mini Expansion.

Marshmallow Mini Expansion:

Add Marshmallows to your fire, but don't let them touch the embers or they'll get burnt!

This mini expansion can be purchased directly from Alley Cat Games and is compatible with all editions of Tinderblox.

Note: Tinderblox Sunset already includes the Marshmallow Mini Expansion.

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TB How to Play
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