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Privacy policy

Official Alley Cat Games Submission page

Game submissions sent through the generic contact form will be ignored.

We ARE currently accepting games submissions for

'AAA Games'

However, they are likely to launch on Kickstarter from earliest: late 2020-2021.

We ARE currently accepting games submissions for

Dice Hospital Sequels and/or spiritual successors

Mint Tin Games

Micro Games

Pocket Games

Mass Market Games

These games are more likely to launch on Kickstarter/Retail in 2020

In detail:

'AAA' games


These games are our big box games. Games like Dice Hospital and Chocolate Factory.

It's important that these games have a great table presence and a unique selling point.

They will also typically feature interesting use or a wide variety/number of componentry. 



'Pocket' games


These games are our pocket-sized games. Games like Pocket Sub and Pocket Pharma.

They'll have a very low component count but have a high fun-factor!

They should generally play in under an hour.



'Mass-Market' games


These games are our mass-market games.

We haven't published any mass-market games yet but it's an area we're keen to explore.

These should be easy to grasp for non-hobbyist audiences.

We will consider games outside of these categories

but they must be truly outstanding or do not have similar games in the marketplace!


We strive for excellence in all our games

We're particularly interested in games that have the following :

Unique pieces/physical components

A strong Mechanic & Thematic link

Dice orientated games (preferably engine building)

Games with a strong story-driven element

We will consider other games too except:

 Deck-building games (where deck-building is the main mechanic)

War/historic Games

Political Games

'Take That' style games

Cards against humanity clones 

Thanks for taking the time to submit your game!


P.S. We give special consideration to submissions that have a video and will almost always at least watch a video if a game sounds like it will fit within our line so, for the best chances of success, please attach a video where possible!