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Official Alley Cat Games Submission page


For the best chance of successfully submitting your game to us, please read this detailed description BEFORE filling in the form below

We are actively looking for:
Card Driven Engine Builders (medium-heavy)

Card Driven Engine Builders


We are currently looking for Medium to Medium-Heavy weight Card Driven Engine Building games. These should include frequent  'combos' between cards that make players feel clever. 


The game should also be low on luck, have a BGG weight of 3.5 +, and be very theme driven (a strong link between theme and mechanisms).


Games like Terraforming Mars, Ark Nova, and Earth are good examples of what type of game we are looking for.

We are also accepting game submissions for:

Games that fit into our existing Game Lines 

Mystery/Puzzle Games

Our Game Lines:
Each of our games fits into one of 4 Game Lines. We are always looking to expand these game lines and welcome submissions that fit into any of them.
We are especially interested in games that fit into our Tin Line or Advanced Line.
Tin Games - Small, simple fun. Our Tin games are designed to be portable, be explained in 3 simple sentences, and include some major tactile or dexterity element. Our best examples of this line are Tinderblox and Kittin.
Party Games - Fun for the whole family. Our Party Games can be played with a mass market audience and should make families laugh.
The Essentials - Our Essentials line includes light strategy games (2-3 on BGG weight) with novel themes. These games could be Gateway or Gateway + games that appeal to our core audience. Most of the games we already have fit into this line, so any new additions would need to be really outstanding. Dice Hospital and Chocolate Factory are good examples of this line.
Advanced Games - Brain burning strategy for hobby players. We look for the following on these games
  1. Low on luck
  2. A BGG weight of 3.5 +
  3. Theme Driven (a strong link between theme and mechanisms)
  4. Interwoven Mechanisms (Mechanisms that affect each other and don't feel separate to the rest of the game). 
  5. Not an area control or battle game
Autobahn, Arborea, and Tinners' Trail are all great examples of our Advanced line.


We are looking to expand into the following themes for our next games:


  1. Civilisation themes

  2. Historical Figures (Da Vinci, Galileo, Ada Lovelace etc.)

  3. City building

  4. Town planning

We will NOT consider:

Roll and move games

War Games, or games set in a historic battle

Deck-building games (where deck-building is the main mechanic)

Roll & Write games (where Roll & Write is the main mechanic)

Political Games

'Take That' style games

Cards against humanity clones

Trivia Games

Abstract Games

Games with sport themes


Thanks for taking the time to submit your game!


P.S. We give special consideration to submissions that have a video and will almost always at least watch a video if the game meets the above criteria, for the best chances of success, please attach a video where possible!
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