Official Alley Cat Games Submission page


For the best chance of successfully submitting your game to us, please read this detailed description BEFORE filling in the form below

We ARE currently accepting games submissions for:

"Gateway" euro games

Cooperative Games

Dice Hospital Sequels and/or spiritual successors

Mass Market dexterity games

Theme specific games (see below)

In detail:

Gateway Games

We would consider gateway games to be light euro games, but not necessarily "filler" games. They should be 30-60+ minutes. And contain a good mixture of the following components (not necessarily all). Other components are also acceptable.


  1.  A central board

  2. Multiple tokens

  3. Meeples

  4. A deck or two of cards

  5. Dice

  6. Tiles

Examples of games we would consider excellent in this category are games similar in style and component quantity to: Dice Hospital, Isle of Skye, Sagrada and Azul.

Cooperative Games

Another thing we’d like to see more of in our submissions is cooperative games. We haven’t published any before but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in doing so! We’re especially looking for smaller box cooperative games, Something similar in components and size to Pandemic or Catan

Dice Hospital Sequels and/or spiritual successors

A Dice Hospital sequel and/or spiritual successor submission will be thematically or mechanically similar to Dice Hospital - but still have a unique twist.

Thematically - an example of this could be 'Dice Hospital: Duel/the card game/roll & write etc.

Mechanically - an example of this is our upcoming Dice Theme Park - where the dice are the customers of the theme park, in a similar way they are the patients of the hospital.

Theme specific

We are looking to expand into the following themes for our next games such as:


  1. Civilisation themes

  2. Trains

  3. Murder mystery

  4. City building

  5. Town planning

  6. Families

We will consider other games too but we will NOT consider:

Deck-building games (where deck-building is the main mechanic)

Roll & Write games (where Roll & Write is the main mechanic)

Political Games

'Take That' style games

Cards against humanity clones

Trivia Games

Abstract Games

Games with sport themes


Thanks for taking the time to submit your game!


P.S. We give special consideration to submissions that have a video and will almost always at least watch a video if the game meets the above criteria, for the best chances of success, please attach a video where possible!