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Amun-Re: 20th Anniversary Edition

Including 3 new expansions!* (*Expanded Edition Only)

2-5 Players
60-90 Minutes
Ages 12+

A reprint of Reiner Knizia's multi award winning Amun-Re. With 3 brand new expansions (Expanded Edition only) and art from Vincent Dutrait.

Play through the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Bidding for control of provinces and building great pyramids throughout the land.

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A reprint of the Reiner Knizia's classic game, Amun-Re. Players represent the actions of Nomarchs, Ancient Egyptian governors in charge of the provinces of the land.

Bid for provinces, farm the land, and buy stone to build pyramids across Egypt. At the end of each round, make your offerings to Amun-Re to improve your farming yield and reap the rewards of a good harvest.

Now with 3 new expansions (Expanded Edition only), prepare your personal tomb for the afterlife, build great statues across the land, and explore new ways to play at 2 and 3 players.

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The Statues Expansion

Add powerful statues to your game to honour the Gods of Egypt! 

Each statue comes with a unique bonus that may be used by the player that controls the province containing the Statue. Some provinces may suddenly become much more desirable (and therefore expensive at auction) depending on the statue contained within.

Like pyramids, these statues carry over into the New Kingdom, giving the opportunity for new players to take control.


This expansion comes with:


8 Statue Miniatures

8 Illustrated Power Cards

2 New Statue Specific Favour Cards


*Final components subject to change

The Afterlife Expansion

Prepare yourself for the afterlife by assembling your own personal tomb and filling it with treasures.

Purchase afterlife tiles and place them in front of you to gain bonuses; such as favour cards, farmers, and extra points.

Create combos by matching symbols on your placed tile with the supporting tiles underneath, increasing your bonuses.


This expansion comes with:


60 Afterlife Tiles

4 New Afterlife Specific Favour Cards

*Final components subject to change


The Viziers Expansion

Welcome Viziers into the land and expand your auctioning options.

Viziers can be auctioned for separately to provinces and provide exciting, one off bonuses. Use these bonuses to create all sorts of combinations with your chosen province

The Viziers expansion comes with variant rules that add to the 3 player experience and allow Amun-Re to be played at 2 players!


This expansion comes with:


15 Vizier Cards

5 Additional Bidding Scribe Meeples

4 New Vizier Specific Favour Cards

*Final components subject to change

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