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Unfold: Dark Story is an escape room series unlike any other. It features 2 novel and surprisng components hidden inside an envelope you unfold as you unravel the riddles contained within this small physical product, but large game!


The game is resettable so can be given or passed onto any friends too!


Only a couple of days ago you were the head psychiatrist at a mental health clinic but everything changed overnight when one of your experiments went south and several patients escaped your clinic placing your experiments in jeopardy. You had to take flight, but you didn’t make it far: you were detained by the police and delivered to the police station. Now you need to find a way out before they lock you up for good.


Dark Story is a sequel to Escape from the Asylum and a thrilling co-operative adventure that fits into a small envelope. You can delve into the mysterious atmosphere of this tabletop quest regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the story of Dr.Dark’s clinic. The players must help Dr. Dark get out of his prison cell at a police station by solving different puzzles. Can you make a daring escape?


Make sure to add the sister/brother product: Unfold: Victim of the Pyramid to the cart

Unfold: Dark Story

£14.99 Regular Price
£12.99Sale Price
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