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The Amun-Re 20th Anniversary Expanded Pack is a must-have for fans. This pack contains all the content you need to transform your retail edition into the expanded edition.

It includes 3 expansions that add new strategies, mechanics, and gameplay options, as well as 8 promo favour cards. Full details can be found on pages 22-27 of the base games rulebook.

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Please note that this all of this content is already contained in Amun-Re 20th Anniversary: Expanded Edition.


The Expanded Pack includes:


  • Statues Expansion


Add powerful statues to your game to honour the Gods of Egypt! 

Each statue comes with a unique bonus that may be used by the player that controls the province containing the Statue. Some provinces may suddenly become much more desirable (and therefore expensive at auction) depending on the statue contained within.

Like pyramids, these statues carry over into the New Kingdom, giving the opportunity for new players to take control.


This expansion comes with:


8 Statue Miniatures

8 Statue Cards

2 Tribute Scheme Cards


  • Afterlife Expansion


Prepare yourself for the afterlife by assembling your own personal tomb and filling it with treasures.

Purchase afterlife tiles and place them in front of you to gain bonuses; such as favour cards, farmers, and extra points.

Create combos by matching symbols on your placed tile with the supporting tiles underneath, increasing your bonuses.


This expansion comes with:


60 Tomb Tiles

4 Afterlife Favour Cards


  • Pharaoh Mini-Expansion


This mini expansion adds tension to the auction phase by rewarding players for overbidding other players.


The Pharaoh moves to each province that is overbid, and at the conclusion of the auctions the player who wins the province with the Pharaoh receives a token that grants extra rewards in the subsequent offerings phase.


This expansion comes with:


1 Pharaoh Miniature

3 Pharaoh Tokens

2 Pharaoh's Blessing Scheme Cards


  • Promo Favour Cards


8 promo favour cards (2 glory, 2 greed, 2 popularity, 2 export) with new effects to add even more variety to the core gameplay.

Amun-Re 20th Anniversary Expanded Pack

  • Can only be shipped to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

    For information on customs charges, click here.

  • Usually dispatched direct from ACG's UK headquarters within 3 - 7 days.

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