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2-5 Players / 20-45 Minutes / Ages 7+


Welcome to "Happy Home”, the exciting strategy game of home decoration!


Move around the shop board to collect polyomino furniture tiles and place them into your house. Fulfill objectives and complete sets of furniture in each room to score points.

Moving ahead on the shop board to collect that perfect piece of furniture might seem like a good idea, but be careful, moving too far will give other players more turns to collect furniture!

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the title of the most creative home decorator!


Let's get started and make our homes happy!

Happy Home (Pre-Order)

£19.99 Regular Price
£17.99Sale Price
Shipping will commence in June for UK and July for ROW
  • Can only be shipped to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

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    EU customers: you pay the VAT inclusive of the price we state in the store, and therefore will be sent customs/VAT pre-paid before shipping. There is nothing else for you to pay or worry about!

  • This is a pre-order item.

    Shipping will commence in June for UK and July for ROW

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