2-6 Players / 3-15 Minutes / Ages 6+


  • Light dexterity game
  • Carefully build up your campfire
  • Night Edition featuring more challenging cards!


Tinderblox Night is a mini-tin dexterity game where players are taking it in turns in a campfire building competition. Be careful though, the bigger the campfire gets, the less stable it becomes. Can you handle the heat or will you be the one to cause the campfire to collapse?!


Note: Tinderblox night is the limited edition kickstarter version which has some more advanced/difficult cards than the day version. We recommended buying the day version if you intend to play with family and children!



Customs friendly to: UK, Australia, Canada and most of Asia.


Due to recent changes in legislation, we cannot currently guaruntee that this item will not inccur additional customs when arriving in the EU. Please bear with us as we work with Royal Mail to make sure this item truly is customs friendly for the EU.



1 mini tin (night edition)

1 set of plastic tweezers

14 basic instruction cards

10 Kickstarter edition exclusive advanced instruction cards

10 yellow 'cinder' cubes

10 red 'cinder' cubes

20 logs

1 campfire card

Tinderblox Night - Limited Kickstarter Edition