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Cauldron Master

Cauldron master is a family friendly game with the strategic depth which can be enjoyed by adults. With its unique theme of playing as witches, beautifully drawn by gothic horror artist IrenHorrors we've brought together a unique blend of beauty and fun. 

Mechanics such as:

  • Blind bidding for resources from open supply using your witch cards

  • carefully select which witch to retrieve 

  • Set collection , multiplying points by collecting the same type of resource

  • Push your luck mechanic since you have 3 different capacity cauldrons in which to place your ingredients in

  • Public objective cards


Each turn players choose from one of their 5 witches in a blind reveal mechanism. Each witch allows the collection of ingredient cards (to collect as set). However, each witch picks specific types of cards and incorrectly deduce who earlier players pick and you may be left cards which dont match with yours! The "recipe" cards included also give bonuses for concocting specific ingredient (potion) combinations which allow for great replayability and strategic depth.

Prototype boxes
Sketch of the Shamen
Late playtesting stage
Mid playtesting stage
Early draft of the logo
Sketch of the mage
Sketch of expansion illustrations
kickstarter launch
Print and Play material
Mid-range playtesting
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