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2-3 Players
10-20 Minutes
Ages 10+

In Pier 18, you take on the role of a Victorian pier builder as you compete to create the country’s greatest seaside pier. Using only 18 cards, you’ll draft and position sections of pier, building your unique structure outwards to sea in an effort to score the most victory points.



Game Details

During a player's turn they will draft one of the cards from the centre of the table and add this to their pier. This will make their pier larger but depending on how they place it can score them more or less points. The game ends when there are no cards left to draft and players tally up their in game (scoring the highest of that patron that round) and end gamepoints (a total of all icons scored) to determine who is the winner.


Victory points are earned by meeting the needs of pier visitors and workers, as well as satisfying the demands of powerful patrons, who’ll lend their support to one pier at the end of every round. You also choose a personal goal that you’ll attempt to fulfill throughout the course of the game.

After a number of rounds the player with the most victory points wins the game, and is crowned greatest pier builder of their generation!


How toPlay
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Patron Phase.jpg
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What counts as a ‘Group’ for Flower Sellers?


A group refers to multiple characters that are adjacent to each other with no spaces between them.


Groups are only considered vertically and characters either side of the Pier do not count as being within the same group.

  • A Flower Seller with two characters below them and one above would score 3 points


  • Only 1 flower seller can score in each group. A group with a two flower sellers and two other characters would score 3 points.

Flower Seller Example.PNG
Flower Seller Example 2.PNG

Does the Ocean count as an empty space for scoring Lovers?


Lovers score if there aren’t any characters within 2 spaces of them. The spaces at either end of your Pier (the ocean and land below your foundation card) both count as empty.

Do characters on the opposite sides of the Pier stop Lovers from scoring?

Characters on either side of the Pier do not interact with each other. A Character on the left of the Pier will not prevent a Lover on the Right of the Pier from scoring.

In what order do Players place their PLAN card at the end of the game?

Players play their final PLAN card simultaneously

Lover Example 2.PNG

Why do some cards have two goals on them?

These cards have different goals depending on whether you are playing with 2 or 3 players. The number of dots next to the goal tells you which goal you should be looking at for your game.




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