Pocket Pharma

Designed by Brett J. Gilbert and Chi-Lan Kao


  • Easy to Learn and Fast to Play

  • Low MSRP

  • Unique Card Drafting Mechanics

Nearly 1000 backers on Kickstarter!!!!

Only $24.99 for Deluxe

$18.99 for Base

Take on the role of researchers in rival pharmaceutical laboratories, each working at the frontier of medical science to create new therapies for some of the world’s most prevalent diseases.

Select molecular fragments, craft new drug formulas, and try to create effective treatments while minimizing side effects. Each successful launch of a new drug can earn profits for your lab, but which player will have earned the most once the race to create the remedies is over?

How to Play

On your turn you can take 3 actions:

  1. Take Fragment - Gather more chemical fragments

  2. Reformulate - Combine fragments into chemical formulas

  3. Launch Drug - Release formulas into the drug market and collect your profits.

Any of these actions can be taken more than once on your turn.

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