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ACG is going green and our upcoming pre-order party!


We are super excited to announce the launch of our upcoming “Pre-order Party'' format, as well as new products: Tinderblox Sunset and Catstronauts! The pre-order party for Tinderblox Sunset and Catstronauts launches Tuesday 24th May and is live until 10th June!


What is a "Pre-Order Party" we hear you ask??  It's similar to a Kickstarter or Gamefound in that it will raise funds for new games, expansions, and variants, and we will still be offering exclusives just like we would on Kickstarter,  but the difference is that we will be hosting it on our own website.  Hosting it ourselves means that the third party fees we'll be saving can be redirected into our goal of improving our climate friendly policies and back to you too.


How will we achieve this?

Preorder Party Announcement.png
  1. We will plant trees! For every pre-order party purchase over £10 (excluding shipping), we will plant three trees, with our partners: Ecologi. Back at our highest level for this campaign and we will plant 6! You can even see the “forest” as party-goers order more throughout the party! 

  2. Carbon offsetting for business activities of the team! We are teaming up with company Ecologi to offset each employee’s carbon footprint.

  3. We’ll continue to plant trees! Every order or pre-order on our website outside of pre-order parties we will plant 1 tree per order and 3 trees for orders over £100

  4. Discounts on pre-ordering! For giving us the confidence to crowd-fund the project via the pre-order party we will give good discounts on all products and be upfront about how much the games will cost after the party.

  5. Some games will be exclusive to our website! Tinderblox Sunset will be exclusive to our website - and any forest friendly charity - so this is the only place to get Tinderblox Sunset.

  6. Get the games before anyone else! Catstronauts will be sent to you before it goes into retail where you’ll have them in your hands at least 1 month before retail purchasers get them! And of course Tinderblox Sunset or the mini expansions won’t be in retail anyway.


  7.   Tinderblox Sunset is FSC compliant! Tinderblox Sunset is our first foray into FSC compliant games.                With wooden pieces from officially approved sources and minimal plastic usage (no shrinkwrap, FSC            approved tin lid stickers and plastic tweezers that are for the game permanently). We’ll use this as a            model to continue and improve our climate friendly policies moving forward. 

  8.   Fast turnaround - As you would expect with us, we will have a fast turnaround to get the games to you          ASAP. In this case, we expect the games to arrive in October - November time as the files are already          finished and submitted to the manufacturer. We’ve even got the first pre-production samples headed              our way this month. 


What are the new games!?

Tinderblox Sunset










What is Tinderblox Sunset?

As alluded to above it is a new variant of Tinderblox that will sit alongside Tinderblox Day (the ubiquitous retail edition) and Tinderblox Night, the limited edition kickstarter edition that was harder! Tinderblox has been a viral hit and has now sold over 30,000 copies internationally! The Tinderblox Sunset version has a cool new look and a marshmallow expansion!


Brand new mini expansion!

Introducing the MARSHMALLOW expansion! A mini expansion that now includes marshmallow pieces that cannot touch fire pieces! Featuring 4 marshmallow pieces and 4 brand new cards. 


Don’t want to buy Tinderblox Sunset and only want the marshmallow expansion? NO PROBLEM! You can buy the pack separately and can be incorporated into the day or night versions. 


Exclusive to Alley Cat Games!

Tinderblox Sunset and the mini expansion is exclusive to Alley Cat Games. You can only get the game via our website, and will be more expensive once the party is over.


Fresh new look

Tinderblox Sunset brings a fresh new look to the game throughout.



Sequel to Kittin!

Kittin was hugely popular and successful. Particularly with it’s placement in Barnes and Noble. To that end Simon and I decided to try and create a sequel worthy of the title, but captured the essence and fun of Kittin without the rules overhead. 


Pattern matching meets meeple slamming

Fans of Kittin say that the best part of the game is scrambling to get the right pieces at the same time as the other players.  We like to call it "fast, frantic fun".  


And Catstronauts captures the same feel by asking players to race to slam their meeples in the right sequence on shared planets; but be careful - you have to make sure you're placing your numbered cat meeples on the right planets!"


Customisable Cat Stickers!

The game comes with 16 fully screen printed cat meeples, but we've left the faces blank for you to customise using the included stickers!


Super quick to understand and play

At Alley Cat Games our family friendly line of games must fit the “Explain the game in three sentences” rule. Catstronauts does exactly that. 1) Throw the planet cards in the air - to set the planet cards randomly on your table 2) Reveal the mission card - to see which cats need to visit which planet 3) Once the mission card is revealed everyone slams down the meeples in the right order, the first one to slam their cat meeples down shouts MEOW!


The pre-order party for Tinderlox Sunset and Catstronauts launches at on Tuesday 24th May until 10th June!

From 11th June onwards prices will increase.

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