Master Chocolatier is a mini-expansion for Chocolate Factory and includes 4 new factory parts, 5 new department stores, and 6 new employees. Stock is limited as this was previously part of the Kickstarter edition of the game.

*Please note there are some compatibility issues with Chocolate Factory Deluxe. Included Factory Parts are card stock rather than thicker card tiles in the Deluxe edition.*

*Deluxe mini-expansion currently out of stock*

CHOCOLATE FACTORY1-4 Players / 60-90 Minutes / Ages 14+


The Master Chocolatier mini-expansion was part of the Kickstarter edition and includes:

  • 5 new Department Stores
  • 6 new Employees (2 copies of 3 different employees, The Owner, The Helpers and The Prodigy)
  • 4 new Factory Parts (card stock not thicker card tiles, so differ from Deluxe versions)
  • Compatible with solo play.


For more information details of this mini-expansion are available on page 14 of the Chocolate Factory rulebook.

Chocolate Factory: Master Chocolatier mini-expansion (base game)

  • Included Factory Parts are card stock as in the base game rather than thicker card tiles featured in the deluxe edition.

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