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Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

DELUXE KICKSTARTER EDITION - With Deluxe components and extras

1-4 players / 20-40mins / 10+


Star Fighters: Rapid Fire combines the excitement of real-time dice rolling with tactical starship combat. Each player hops into the cockpit of their own starfighter and duels it out in a dog fight to prove who is the superior pilot. The game plays in multiple modes 1 vs 1, 3 player free-for-all, 2 vs 2, or a solo mode where a single starfighter attacks an orbital space station.

Players must balance the pressure of real-time play while making good tactical and strategic decisions. The game only ends when one starfighter is destroyed. The pilot that hits the finishing blow gets all the glory and is the winner.


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Deluxe components including:


- Cosmic hazards Mini expansion

- Starbase miniature

- Limited edition number on box

- Solo mode 

Star Fighters: Rapid Fire - Deluxe Edition

£34.99 Regular Price
£24.99Sale Price
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