Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll

DELUXE KICKSTARTER EDITION - With Deluxe add-ons box

1-99 players / 20-30mins / 10+


  • Medium complexity roll-and-write game
  • Set in the Dice Hospital universe
  • Entry-level game designed for new players and returning fans


  • Customs friendly to: UK, EU, Australia, Canada, USA and most of Asia.
  • Due to ship Q4 2021 to Q1 2022.


In Dice Hospital: ER – Emergency Roll everyone tries to treat as many patients in their hospital as possible, filling their wards, admitting extra or critical patients, choosing when and where to station nurses and using screens to isolate patients, and satisfying the demands of the three Specialists.


This is a standalone 'flip, roll and write' game set in the Dice Hospital universe as an entry into the world of Dice Hospital. Designed by esteemed designers Matt Dunstan & Brett J. Gilbert (Chocolate Factory, Roll for Adventure, Elysium), the game takes place in the busy accident and emergency section of a hospital and emulates the fast-paced and hectic nature of an A&E ward.

Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll (Pre-Order)