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This deluxe add on box takes Dice Theme Park to new heights! Included in this box are 3D monorails miniatures and the inserts for each player count, the innovations mini-expansion which adds new customisation options to your park, and the surprises mini-expansion which adds exciting new attraction tiles and staff skills with new mechanics.

Please note that this add-on is already included in Dice Theme Park - Deluxe Kickstarter Edition.


Deluxe Add Ons Box Includes:


  • 5 3D Monorail Miniatures

  • 12 Monorail Inserts

  • 48 Innovation Tokens

  • 2 Administrator Cards

  • 6 Attraction Tiles

  • 4 Staff Cards

  • 6 Skill Cards


Innovation Expansion:

This expansion adds 3 new upgrade types to your park:

  • Statues, which give big points but must be built on specific tiles.

  • Hubs, which give the ability to move all dice from the adjacent attractions when activated 

  • Cable Cars, which allow you to create a network of tiles that act as adjacent to each other for movement purposes.


Experimental Expansion:

The experimental expansion adds the risk and reward of experimentation, with the ability to reroll dice through new attraction tiles, new meeple skills and a new administrator. 

Dice Theme Park - Deluxe Add Ons

  • Can only be shipped to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

    For information on customs charges, click here.

  • Will be dispatched from a fulfillment centre within 5 - 12 days.

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