Dice Theme Park

DELUXE KICKSTARTER EDITION - With Deluxe add-ons box

1-4 players / 75-90mins / 14+


  • Medium complexity dice-placement game
  • Includes the deluxe add-on box
  • This features the extra mini expansions and the 5 monorail miniatures!
  • Includes solo mode cards
  • Kickstarter version of the base game of Dice Theme Park. 
  • Includes all Kickstarter promos and exclusives available in the Kickstarter campaign for a limited period.


  • Customs friendly to: UK, EU, Australia, Canada, USA and most of Asia.
  • Due to ship Q4 2021 to Q1 2022.


Build and manage your own theme park in Dice Theme Park, where the dice are your visitors and you are working to ensure your visitors have the most fun!

But you’re not the only park in town, as other Dice Theme Parks are appearing nearby so you’ll be competing for visitors, attractions, and even mascots, all whilst solving your own unique puzzle of how to maximize the enjoyment of each the dice shaped customers that visit your theme park. Will you build the most attractive attractions around or will your efforts have your visitors going elsewhere?


Join the ride and find out if you have what it takes to run the best Dice Theme Park!


* Please note the monorail miniatures come UNPAINTED 


Dice Theme Park KS Deluxe Game (Pre-Order)