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Welcome our new incoming titles in this pre-order party and save even more with a bundle of our discounted euro games!


Euro Game Bundle includes:

  Eternal Palace Retail Edition

  Autobahn Deluxe Edition

  Tinners' Trail Retail Edition

  Amun-Re 20th Anniversary - Retail Edition

  Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll


+Washed Ashore

+ Happy Home



Washed Ashore:

1+ Players / 35 Minutes / Ages 10+

Choose your path, adding and flipping cards in your story, adjusting your character, trying to escape the deserted island. With 13 different endings to explore Washed Ashore is a story that develops depending on your decisions, flip cards for immediate consequences or add them to the back of the deck for later implications. Discover all 13 endings to this adventure!

Happy Home:

2-5 Players / 20-45 Minutes / Ages 7+


Welcome to "Happy Home”, the exciting strategy game of home decoration!


Move around the shop board to collect polyomino furniture tiles and place them into your house. Fulfill objectives and complete sets of furniture in each room to score points.

Moving ahead on the shop board to collect that perfect piece of furniture might seem like a good idea, but be careful, moving too far will give other players more turns to collect furniture!

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the title of the most creative home decorator!


Let's get started and make our homes happy!


Eternal Palace:

In this game, your workers are represented by dice, and you'll be placing them to contribute towards rebuilding the different parts of the Eternal Palace. This is a highly interactive Euro with many of the locations on the board giving players the ability to gain the edge over their opponents by completing tasks first or contributing more to monuments to earn tokens reflecting their overall efforts. 


Autobahn Deluxe Edition:

A heavy-weight Euro game from designers Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone.

Develop the Autobahn, building and upgrading Germany's Federal Highway system to improve your standing in the Bundes Autobahn organisation.

Build Roads, Manage the Shipping of Goods, and Promote Employees to optimise your strategy and make the best contributions to the ever-expanding Autobahn. 


Tinners' Trail:

Tinners' Trail is a thematic Euro game set in 19th century Cornwall. This new edition of Tinners' Trail is a reprint of the critically acclaimed 2008 game by Martin Wallace, which has been redeveloped and upgraded in partnership with Alley Cat Games as well as including an increased player count, solo mode and 2 brand new expansions.


Amun-Re 20th Anniversary - Retail Edition:

A reprint of Reiner Knizia's multi-award-winning Amun-Re. With 3 brand-new expansions and art from Vincent Dutrait.

Play through the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Bidding for control of provinces and building great pyramids throughout the land.


Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll:

In Dice Hospital: ER – Emergency Roll everyone tries to treat as many patients in their hospital as possible, filling their wards, admitting extra or critical patients, choosing when and where to station nurses and using screens to isolate patients, and satisfying the demands of the three Specialists.


This is a standalone 'flip, roll and write' game set in the Dice Hospital universe as an entry into the world of Dice Hospital. Designed by esteemed designers Matt Dunstan & Brett J. Gilbert (Chocolate Factory, Roll for Adventure, Elysium), the game takes place in the busy accident and emergency section of a hospital and emulates the fast-paced and hectic nature of an A&E ward.


Washed Ashore + Happy Home + Everything Bundle

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