Our favourite games to play online during the lockdown

By the Alley Cat Games team

This is a crazy time to say the least and when your favourite hobby revolves around meeting around a tabletop with your friends it’s easy to feel that this pandemic has hit us tabletop gamers pretty hard.

Thankfully, we live in a pretty remarkable age where we can continue to play our favourite games even if it’s not in the ideal setting. So here are our favourite games to play online, and scroll to the bottom to see some rule sheets for how to play our games remotely with some print and play components to help you do just that!


Because of the diversity of the new remote group in terms of knowledge of hobby games, we’ve gone for games which have been super easy to grasp which require very little technology overheads.

The game we’ve played the most and successfully is: Just One.

Why? Because it is super easy to grasp for maximum laugh out loud fun. Just One’s premise is that everyone in the group bar the guesser is trying to guide the guesser to correctly figure out a word. However, the main trick is that the clues given must not match one another when presenting the guesser. If they do, those clues are eliminated from the game and the guesser has fewer options to choose from. That means, that often, you will get quite leftfield clues which the guesser has to piece together to guess the clue. Simple and fantastic.

It works perfectly remotely, as only one person needs to have a copy with the word cards to present to most of the group per round, while everyone else just needs a pen and paper to present their clues silently to the camera.