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Pupply Slime Games joins Alley Cat Games!

" This is a special blog post by John Gawaran who with his partner Christian make up Pupply Slime Games. We have the pleasure of working with them on their next project: Paws and Padlocks a family friendly game of dungeon crawling! He tells the story of how we met and where this partnership is going! Enjoy!" - Caezar

Hey everyone, this is gonna be our first blog post ever so please bear with us! First of all, we hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays. Secondly, we have some very exciting news to share with you all! There is officially a fourth new member of the crew, our Kickstarter consultant Caezar Al-Jassar! He’s one of the founders of Alley Cat Games, and he’s also the co-publisher of the successful Kickstarter board game called Lab Wars. It has been a real pleasure working with him in the past few months, and we wanted to share with you all the story of how we started working together.

We had already been following Lab Wars on Twitter for several months so when we saw that the creators were going to be demoing their game in Hawaii, we could not have been more excited. We had never met any Kickstarter board game designers in real life before so we were both excited and nervous. So we drove to one of two board game shops on the entire island and we finally met the Lab Wars creators, Caezar and Kuly! It was very cool to learn that they were not only board game enthusiasts, but they were a couple just like us. We demoed their game, talked more about board games and Kickstarters, and had a wonderful time! They ended up being two of the sweetest and nicest people we’ve met through board games. When it was time for them to head out for the night, we knew we had to show them the aloha spirit and take them out to eat some local food before they had to leave Hawaii. Luckily, they said yes!

On the weekend, we picked them up and took them to eat some local plate lunches from a local Hawaiian barbecue restaurant. Then, we went to get some dessert at a local snow ice shop. We ended up talking for hours in the shop, mostly about Paws and Padlocks. They were happy to give us advice on our board game and we probably asked way too many questions, but we got a lot of positive critiques and constructive criticism on our game. We wished that we could stay forever, but sadly we couldn’t. We wished them safe travels and went back to our boring, everyday lives.

Two weeks later, Christian and I were both at work, going through our normal lives as usual. Suddenly, we both get a message on Twitter from Caezar. We had already been messaging him on and off since they left Hawaii to get more advice on our game. However, this message was something we never expected. He said that he wanted to help us publish our game on Kickstarter and that he wanted to come on board on our project. I’m not gonna lie, I get emotional very easily and I was tearing up a bit at work when I read his message. It touched me that someone cared about our board game enough to offer help that went beyond our expectations. Christian and I agreed to accept Caezar’s help, and a beautiful partnership was born.

The next few months went by in a whirlwind of productivity and newfound direction. Caezar has been helping us with everything that we have been struggling on: stuff about social media, Kickstarter, reviewers, manufacturing, and a ton of other things. We continue to have hour-long Skype meetings every week to keep us all on track with our goals. Communication has been amazing between us because we can send each other any questions we have through texts or email. It has been a dream come true to work with someone that is so passionate and knowledgeable about board games, and we hope that these next few months working with Caezar will be a great experience for the both of us.

Competition time!

To celebrate us working together Puppy Slime Games are running a holidays competition to win any one of three games up for grabs!!

How to enter: (links below)

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